What is your phone?



Today, we wiil talk about type phone. I have Iphone 6 and I will change it. I’m going to buy new iphone X. What do you thing about it? I think that this phone is cool and it is present future. Everyone want new phone, but not everyone can’t buy, because don’t have money. I have this same problem. Because I must go to work. What is your work? I will make money and i finally will buy this phone!


Celeb phone

Everyone celebs have IPHONE! Iphone is celeb’s phone.  Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber – They and other celeb have iphone. because ip is the best phone on the word. If you think about buy ip – don’t wait!


Top 3 phone brand!

1 Iphone

Of course, number one is iphone, i have and recommend. Is very cheap and i think that it’s easy to use. Certainly everyone handle it.

2 Samsung

Everyone know samsung brand. Samsung have a lot of phone model. We have a choice 50 phone model!

3 Xiaomi

It is novelty! Xiaomi is new brand. The company comes from China, but they have made good products. My mother has xiaomi and she is thrilled. In my opionion if you don’t have money and if i were you i will buy this phone. It’s similary to iphone.