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She is different than other people, she is unique. It does not follow fashion, goes its way, a good example here is what it listens to. Her favorite performer is Fancy, which is very popular in the 80’s, she is not ashamed of it and very often listens to it. Of course on your channel musically it gives you more popular songs and the ones that most people know because that’s what this application is all about. Riele is playing better and better roles, one of the main roles that has given her fame and popularity on the internet, it is obviously Dangerous Henry. I fell in love with the show, which is broadcast on Nickelodeon, and is called Dangerous Henry. I love her hair, she has pre-curly hair, curly hair, she loves them so much.

It is rumored that soon to see her with the duo of lucas and marcus, I do not know how you, but I will be very pleased to see it and I wait impatiently. She loves beaches, she loves when she is warm, she does not like winter. Instead of snow, the sand, the sea and the sea, as she says, was born on the 8th of July, so the thing is that she will prefer summer than winter because she has a birthday!

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