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Twins I have never had on this site. But everything must be tried, so today especially for you Lucas and Marcus phone number. Would you like to have a twin brother, would you get along with him? Such questions only know the answer they are Lucas and Marcus! I have a sister myself, but younger, if it was like me, it looked like me? For me that would be weird, I personally would not like to have a twin because I would feel very strange about it. But these are just my personal feelings. But maybe now I will tell you what is their channel on YouTube and why have they gained so much fame? They are teenagers, and in their films they are out and about in total. Their videos are funny and so simple, so they have so many views on your channel. This only adds to the fact that they are very handsome and have a lot of girls who love them. That’s why I put you here Lucas and Marcus phone number because I know you need it so much and you want it! Their channel does not even have a good year of activity, and they have over 4 million subscriptions on YouTube. In the beginning their videos, they had very small number of views, they really only viewed their friends and other famous people. And now, practically everyone I asked at school knows if they know them, everyone answered that of course we know them, they are great. You can see how much they have done in their careers, you know someone who does not know Lucas and Marcus? Probably just my mom, but it’s because she does not use the internet, so they do not know them. Every older person who does not use the internet loses a lot because watching these videos can improve your mood and learn other interesting things that we may find useful in your daily life. That’s why Lucas and Marcus phone number must be here!