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My top 3 – celebrities

My top 3 – celebrities Hello everyone, Today I prepare my top 5 celeb. I think that it will interesting. I invite you to read. Number 1 No.1 of course Justin Bieber! He is amazing. I have known for 5 years ago. His music change world. In my opinion he is top 1 person on the world. If you don’t like him, I have idea, You must listen his new song and other his music. I do not think I need to write much here because he is one of the most popular people in the world. Even in China they know who it is!     Number 2   AnnaSophia Robb! I love her. AnnaSophia is very pretty and she has a big talent. If she was a young girl, she was in commercials. And then I looked at AnnaSophia. I once was in love with her. Feeling it feels right now. It is really beautiful. What to talk about here, I would very much like to see her live.       Number 3   Demi Lovato. I think that everyone know Demi 😀 She appeared on television a few years ago. I think you know it with the Disney Channel. I myself met her through her series. Without extending this article, she is simply beautiful. That’s why I put it in position number 3.       And your favorite celeb who’s there?...

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What is your phone?

What is your phone?     Today, we wiil talk about type phone. I have Iphone 6 and I will change it. I’m going to buy new iphone X. What do you thing about it? I think that this phone is cool and it is present future. Everyone want new phone, but not everyone can’t buy, because don’t have money. I have this same problem. Because I must go to work. What is your work? I will make money and i finally will buy this phone!   Celeb phone Everyone celebs have IPHONE! Iphone is celeb’s phone.  Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber – They and other celeb have iphone. because ip is the best phone on the word. If you think about buy ip – don’t wait!   Top 3 phone brand! 1 Iphone Of course, number one is iphone, i have and recommend. Is very cheap and i think that it’s easy to use. Certainly everyone handle it. 2 Samsung Everyone know samsung brand. Samsung have a lot of phone model. We have a choice 50 phone model! 3 Xiaomi It is novelty! Xiaomi is new brand. The company comes from China, but they have made good products. My mother has xiaomi and she is thrilled. In my opionion if you don’t have money and if i were you i will buy this phone. It’s similary to...

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Faze Banks phone number

Faze Banks phone number Faze Banks phone number is here!   From today’s perspective, I will tell you that he does not say that I have Faze Banks phone number. I’m finally asking him if there’s a chance to get your number, and he’s got a name and asks a few questions, I think he did a test for me, I’m fit to get his tetefon number or just curious who I am And what is he dealing with, maybe he thought I was from the newspaper or something. I got the Faze Banks phone number. Over the past 30 days over one million subscriptions, this is the biggest increase all over YouTube. But we will not write about his achievements here, because everyone knows it. I’m going to go with my best friends on a bike and you know what? I take the cell and we will talk to him, he wants to greet us in his latest movie, I know it will be hard to realize because everyone would like it, but it is not easy. Recently I care about health, but not just me. Now is the fashion to take care of your body and think that it is the best fashion that can be. Because in the end it is something useful. After the last long break in my head total empty and I do...

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Collins Key phone number

Collins Key phone number   Collins Key phone number is here!   It’s wonderful, I’m going back to breakfast and suddenly I was reminded that today Collins Key phone number is being published. Total cosmos, I like your thinking, answered me one of the fans. I had a few days off, because I just did not want to, I’m sorry for that. But now I have a great humor for a week and I’m going back to play, and today we’re having fun with the Collins Key phone number. At the beginning of August, there was an idea for posts to appear every day, but I did not. Well, it all came back to normal. Honey, thanks to you I’m back to work again thanks to Collins! I learned about the Collins Key phone number and once I ran to my cousin, his name was Emma, ​​she often came here and even added her posts. I’m writing about it because it’s a big fan of Collins Key. I wake up next morning my friend, she said time to add and do something with our party, people are waiting! Time to do, time to call Collins Key, after so long interruptions, strange call me again to someone, but there was my colleague and somehow managed. The subject matter of his films is difficult to determine, because these videos are practically...

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Cree Cicchino phone number

Cree Cicchino phone number Download Cree Cicchino phone number I did not know that the Game Shakers had so many viewers, but as you can see I was wrong. So for every fan of this show we have Cree Cicchino phone number. This serial has been broadcasting for a long time because it has been over 2 years. If you live in Europe it is only for a year you can see this series at home. The USA was here first because it was on the local television was the broadcast of it. How many series of this type talk about teens, specifically in this case about two teenagers who live in the poor neighborhood of New York. But their lives changed very quickly by CREATING GAME. It’s just the design and programming of the applications on your phones has earned them money. This series is crazy and a little unreal, because they are 12 years old and would doubt that in real life they did the job, but it’s just a serial, so there’s nothing to write about here. Cree Cicchino phone number, however, is not a serial, and true! Well I wrote a lot, but on the show I said more than the Cree Cicchino phone number itself. That’s why it’s time to move on to the very concrete things, namely, I do not know what to write...

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